Records of the Office of Public Affairs : An inventory of Record Group 3.2
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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Records of the Office of Public Affairs

Dates: 1988-
Origination: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Office of Public Affairs.
Abstract: The records provide some information on almost every area of activity at the University, from the development of academic programs and research initiatives, to cultural programs and staff outings.
Quantity: 131.58 Linear Feet of textual materials
Identifier: rg3.2

Administrative History

The Office of Public Affairs was established in early 1989 to assume responsibility for media relations, external affairs, and university publications. It merged with the Office of University Development (Record Group 3.3) in 1999 to form the Office of University Development and Public Affairs (Record Group 3.8).

Throughout its history, the Office of Public Affairs has undertaken a number of functions to fulfil its mandate. For example, it has published university newsletters (Genesis and the HKUST Newsletter), produced various printed publications and videos to introduce the University; prepared and distributed press releases; and planned press-conferences and other media events. It also has conducted special programmes aimed at specific target groups such as prospective students, parents, secondary schools, businesses, and industries; monitored press coverage of HKUST; and kept photographic and video records of HKUST events.

In 1992, the Office of Public Affairs established the Souvenir Shop and Information Centre, which it has subsequently managed, and it began to function as the secretariat for the HKUST Arts Endowment Committee. In 1993, it assumed responsibility for planning University Congregations.

The persons who have been appointed as administrative head of the Office are as follows:

  • Dr Priscilla Chung, 1989-1998
  • Ms Loretta Pang, 1998-2003
  • Mr Adrian Chueng, 2003-2006
  • Mr C K Yeung, 2006-2009
  • Ms Emily Hui, 2010-2016
  • Ms Daisy P C Chan, 2016 - present

Scope and Contents

The records consist of publications, brochures, leaflets, minutes, memoranda, press releases, videotapes, slides, cassette recordings, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and research notes, and other materials relating to the work of the Public Affairs Office.

These records provide some information on almost every area of activity at the University, from the development of academic programs and research initiatives, to cultural programs and staff outings. They include biographical information on many faculty and staff, as well as members of the Planning Committee, the University Council, and others who have played a significant role in the development of the University. They also provide information about the student body and student activities. They chronicle relations between HKUST and the media, providing particularly strong documentation of the coverage of the University by the printed media.

The records are divided into nine series, which are described in greater detail below. Most publications from the Public Affairs Office can be searched in the Digital University Archives.


Restrictions on Access

The records in series 7 and 8 are closed for twenty-five years from the date of creation.

Online Access

Most of the publications in this record group can be searched and viewed in the Digital University Archives.

Index Terms


  • Universities and colleges
  • Public relations
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Office of Public Affairs.

Series 1 - Serial Publications, 1988-

This series has been divided into the following subseries, within which the publications are arranged chronologically.

  • Faculty Profiles, 1995-2012
  • Genesis, 1989-2007
  • Genesis - HKUST Newsletter, 2007-
  • HKUST in the News, 1996-2000
  • Newsletter, 1988-2006

Genesis was a monthly internal newsletter distributed to the University community, while the HKUST Newsletter was a quarterly publication prepared for an external audience. Faculty Profiles is an annual publication containing a brief summary of the background and research interests of each faculty member. HKUST in the News, published bi-annually, was compilation of selected newspaper articles about the University.

Collectively, these publications provide an overview of the activities leading to the opening of the University between 1988 and 1991, and the major events at the University since its opening in 1991. They record the development of different offices and departments; include biographical data on many faculty, students, and staff; chronicle organizational changes, teaching initiatives, and research projects that have been undertaken since 1988; and document student and staff activities.

The content of Genesis and the Newsletter can be searched in the Digital Archives.

Series 2 - Calendar of Events, 1994-2012

Arranged chronologically.

This series consists of a monthly calendar of events that was distributed through the University's Electronic Notice Board and later on the Public Affairs Office web-site. The Archives holds printouts of the calendar for 1994-1996 and for March 1998, and electronic copies for 1997-1998 (excepting March 1998).

The calendar lists academic activities, such as lectures, seminars, colloquia, conferences, symposiums, and non-academic activities sponsored by the University, such as concerts and exhibitions. There is a brief description for each event that includes the title, time and place, speaker (where applicable), organizer, and contact person.

The calendar of events can be searched in the Digital Archives.

Series 3 - Press Releases, 1988-

Arranged chronologically within the following subseries:

  • Chinese Press Releases
  • English Press Releases

The records provide some documentation on a wide range of news and events relating to HKUST that were likely to be of public interest. For example, the materials document the appointment of new faculty and administrators, the opening of new research centres and other facilities, visits to the campus by distinguished persons, conferences and symposia held at the University, exhibitions and performing arts events at the University, the results of scientific studies conducted at HKUST, the initiation of new research projects, and the employment rates of HKUST graduates. The information about these and other matters provided in the press releases is generally brief and succinct.

The press releases can be searched in the Digital Archives.

Series 4 - Records of Press Coverage, 1991-

Arranged chronologically within the following subseries:

  • Media Review, 1992-2006
  • Newspaper Clippings, 1991-2014

The newspaper clippings include articles about HKUST, while the Media Review is a weekly summary of these articles prepared and distributed by the Public Affairs Office.

These records chronicle public perceptions of the University, and document a very wide range of activities and issues relating to HKUST. They include reports on visits to the University by foreign dignitaries; conferences, exhibits, and performances at HKUST; research of individual professors, especially that relating to technology or the economy; the construction of the campus; and research contracts and initiatives undertaken by the University. The articles also contain numerous interviews with faculty and administrators, especially with President Woo, and there is extensive documentation of issues that became public controversies, such as the alleged cost overruns of the campus construction project (1992-1993). In addition, the articles contain profiles and document the activities of various HKUST administrators, staff, faculty, and students. These records provide documentation on a broader range of subjects than the press releases (series 3) and generally provide more detailed information on those subjects that are covered.

Series 5 - Miscellaneous Publications and Printed Materials, 1990-

Arranged alphabetically by title or by type of document.

Consists of books, brochures, flyers, invitations, and other printed materials produced by the Public Affairs Office. The bulk of the materials are introductory brochures, published under various titles, which give an overview of the administration, academic programs, research initiatives, and campus services and facilities for prospective staff and students. This series also includes the programmes for the University Opening Ceremony (1991), University Open Days (1993), and for the University Congregations (1993-1997). The latter of which list each graduating of the students.

Series 6 - Audio-visual Materials, 1988-

This series has been organized into three subseries, which are described separately below:

Subseries 6.1 - Audio recordings, 1996

Consists of 18 tapes of the HKUST program on RTHK radio, recorded in 1996. The programs are generally related to topics in science and technology, such as environmental issues, and the development of new computer technology, but there is one show about the fifth anniversary of HKUST. There is also a recording of an interview with President Woo on RTHK radio that was not part of this program. Additional sound recordings may be found in series 8.

Subseries 6.2 - Video recordings, 1990-1993

Consists mostly of video recordings of events at HKUST, such as the Topping Out Ceremony (1990) and the meeting of the Science Advisory Committee (1991). There are also videos about HKUST that were produced for broadcast or distribution, including Genesis, Degrees of Change, and Introducing HKUST.

Subseries 6.3 - Still images, 1988-

Consists of 1624 slides, dating from 1988-1994 and 300 digitized images (on CD), the bulk of which date from 1997-1998. Most of the images are of official HKUST events, such as the university congregations, seminars, conferences, media luncheons, workshops, and various student activities. There are also portraits of some HKUST faculty and staff and images of the HKUST campus. There is an index produced by the Public Affairs Office for the slides and printed sheets with the images contained on each CD.

Series 7 - Administrative Files, 1989-

Arranged in accordance with an alphanumeric filing system developed by the Office of Public Affairs.

Consists of memos, minutes, correspondence, brochures and other printed items, and variety of other materials relating to the public relations activities at HKUST. The records mainly document the planning of events that were sponsored by the PAO, such as press conferences, the foundation stone laying ceremony, lectures, and art exhibitions. The also provide some information about external events in which the University participated, such as the International Hi-Tech Show (1993), and contain documentation of media coverage of the University.

The records in this series are closed for twenty-five years.

Series 8 - Research Notes for "Building a University: The Story of HKUST", 1990-1991

This series had no discernible order when it was received by the archives, so the records have been organized into the following subseries, within which the materials are arranged alphabetically. Electronic versions of interview transcripts and profiles of individuals, were printed and interfiled with the other materials, however, there are drafts of chapters of Building a University that have been retained only in electronic format.

The records consist of memos, newsletters, publications, cassettes, magazines, journals, reports, slides, recorded interviews, interview transcripts, research notes, press releases, other material generated from or relating to the research conducted for Building a University.

The records mainly document the planning for and the construction of the University. They constitute one of the more important sources of information in the Archives on the individuals, corporations, and institutions outside the university administration that were involved with the planning and development of HKUST. For example, the records contain biographical information about Sir Sze-Yuen Chung and Sir Edward Youde, and they document the roles played by Simon Kwan Associates and the Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club in the design and construction of the University.

The records in this series are closed for twenty-five years.

Subseries 8.1 - Drafts of Publications

Consists of drafts of chapters and sections of Building a University, articles written for other campus publications, and the script for a video production. Many of the drafts have margin notes or editorial comments from President Woo and other persons who were featured in the book.

Subseries 8.2 - Subject Files

Consists of publications, correspondence, research notes, and other sources of background information on the academic departments, individuals, and corporations that were profiled in Building a University.

Subseries 8.3 - Notes, Transcripts and Recordings of Interviews

Consists of transcripts and notes of interviews with thirty-five persons involved in the beginnings of the University, and audio recordings of nine of the interviews. The individuals interviewed are as follows: David Ackers-Jones, David Brown, John Chan, Yuk-shee Chan, Min-min Chang, Jay Chen, Peter Cheung, C.Y. Chien, Edward Chien, Ernest Chu, S.Y. Chung, Robin Forster, Nigel French, Michael Gale, Din-Yu Hsieh, Peter Hughes, [Max?] Ivey, S.D. Kung, Simon Kwan, Y.K. Kowk, Peggy Lam, Andrew Li, Amelia and Fred Lochovsky, Ian MacPherson, Bob Moakes, Charles Moaney, Steven Poon, Ernest Scalberg, Thomas Stelson, John Tsang, Guy Watkins, George Wong, Chia-Wei Woo, Lady Youde. There is also a group interview with several MIT alumni associated with HKUST.

Subseries 8.4 - Audio tapes

Audio recording of interviews.

Series 9 - Posters, 1999-

0.05 Linear Feet

This series consists of posters related to the events sponsored by the Office of Public Affairs, ranging from student outreach to anniversary celebrations and symposia, Shaw Prize lectures and Presidents Dialogue.

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