List of Finding Aids

Record Group 1
RG1.1Records of the Planning Committee for The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
RG1.2Records of the Campus Construction Site Office
Record Group 2
RG2Records of the University Council
Record Group 3
RG3.1.1Records of Chia-Wei Woo, Founding President
RG3.2Records of the Office of Public Affairs
RG3.6Records of the University Administrative Committee
RG3.7Records of the University Cabinet
RG3.9Records of the Planning and Coordination Office
Record Group 4
RG4Records of the University Court
Record Group 5
RG5Records of the University Senate
Record Group 6
RG6.1Records of the Office of the Provost
RG6.2.1Records of the Office of the Dean of Science
RG6.3.1Records of the Office of the Dean of Engineering
RG6.3.2Records of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
RG6.3.3Records of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
RG6.3.4Records of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
RG6.3.5Records of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering
RG6.3.6Records of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics
RG6.3.7Records of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
RG6.5.1Records of the Office of the Dean of Humanities and Social Science
RG6.5.2Records of the Division of Humanities
RG6.5.3Records of the Division of Social Science
RG6.12Records of the Center for Education Innovation
Record Group 7
RG7.1Records of the Office of the Vice-President for Administration and Business
RG7.4Records of the Finance Office
Record Group 8
RG8.2Records of the Research Office (formerly Office of Contract and Grant Administration)
RG8.13Records of the Design and Manufacuring Services Facility (DMSF)
RG8.17Records of the Nanoelectronics Fabrication Facility