Paul T.K. Lin Papers
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Paul T.K. Lin Papers

Dates: 1920-2004
Origination: HKUST University Archives
Abstract: The Paul Lin papers consist of four groups of items: 1) Correspondence; 2) Personal Papers; 3) Reference Materials: 4) Photos, documenting the life of Paul Lin Ta-kuang 林達光 (1920- 2004), a Canadian-Chinese political scientist and peace activist, the founding Director of McGill’s Center for East Asian Studies (1965-1982) and Rector of the University of East Asia in Macau (now Macau University) from 1986 to 1988. The documents have been donated to the HKUST Library Special Collections by his wife, Mrs. Eileen Lin, in three installments: 2011, 2015, 2016. The collections illuminates many aspects of the relations between Canada and China and is more in general relevant for the study of Chinese Contemporary History, as well as for specific fields in which Paul Lin played an important role, such as the history of Chinese University students movements in the United States in the 1940s, the first generation of overseas Chinese returning to the People's Republic of China after 1949, Madame Soong Ching-ling's later life, diplomatic and academic exchanges between China and the United States, and the reaction in the West to the 1989 Tiananmen incident.
Quantity: 25 Linear Feet of textual materials
Identifier: sc001-paul-lin

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  • HKUST University Archives


The correspondence is organized by year as well as by topic. The original filing by Mrs. Lin has been preserved. The correspondence between Madame Soong Ching-ling and Paul and Eileen Lin has been completely digitized and is filed separately.
Correspondence with Madame Soong Ching-ling
General Correspondence (149)
  1. Correspondence Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
    • 1941-1943 Jan, University of Michigan; 1943 Harvard
  2. Vernon Reunion for class of 1938, 1988. Correspondence of Vernon classmate, 1995.
  3. Correspondence with public figures, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's
    • Joeseph Fletcher, Ivan Head, Judith A. LaRocque, Lois Snow, 費孝通, 魯平, Jack Austin, Jean E. Pigott, Vivienne Poy利德蕙, Mordechai Rozanski, ,張毅君, Donald Cameron, 尉天驄, James Putzel, 謝培智, Peter Lund, Esther Samson, FANG Gang, 陳啟能, Devinder Garewal, 熊恆浩, Harrison Salisbury, Maurice Copithorne, Stuart Schram, 李鵬, Chinn Ho, Pierre Trudeau, Asa Briggs, Betty and Stan Sheinbaum, Gerry Weiner, 汝信, Michel Oksenberg, Jose Manuel Duarte de Jesus, 于光遠, Douglas Jung, Fou Tsong, David Anderson
    • 1 photo of Wei Jinsheng
  4. Correspondence, International Academic Activities United Nations University, 1973-1980
  5. Speaking Engagements Correspondence, 1970's
    • 1976信件
  6. Correspondence Academic, 1990's, 2000's
  7. Correspondence between Paul Lin and Prof. Diana Lary, York University, June 1990
    • Letter dd 06.06.1990 from Prof. Diana Lary, York University to Paul Lin
    • Letter dd 12.06.1990 from Paul Lin to Prof. Diana Lary, York University
    • Correspondence 1960's-1990's
  8. Correspondence, 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000's
  9. Chinese Education and Transformation of Consciousness
  10. Paul T K Lin Correspondence with his father, 1941-49
  11. Paul T K Lin, 1941-43. Correspondence with friends 1941-43
  12. Correspondence, 1941-1942
    • Paul Lim-Yuen (Before name change to Paul T.K. Lin) on speaking engagement 1941-42 (at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan USA)
  13. Correspondence, 1945. On speaking engagements organized by the Redpath Bureau in New England, 1945
  14. Paul Lim-Yuen and Paul T.K. Lin Correspondence
    • Shou-chang Pu
    • (on his extra-curricular activities) Chinese Students' Christian Association(CSCA 1941-1947) Reference Materials of 1940's-1950's on CSCA
  15. Correspondence, 1984
    • 2 passport photos of Lin's ex-student
  16. Correspondence, 1985
  17. Correspondence, 1990's
    • Diana Larry
  18. Golden Wedding Anniversary Letters, 1994
  19. Correspondence Consultation,1993-1996
  20. Correspondence SCLCF, 1997
    • Soong Ching Ling Foundation
  21. Correspondence, 1998
  22. Correspondence,1980
  23. Correspondence, 1981
    • p.226-international dialogue
  24. Correspondence, 1982
    • (6 folders)
  25. Correspondence, 1983
  26. Correspondence, 1983
  27. Correspondence, 1984
  28. Correspondence, 1985
  29. Correspondence, 1986
  30. Correspondence, 1989
  31. Correspondence, 1972-1973
  32. Correspondence with his Canadian students, 1974
  33. Correspondence, 1974
  34. Correspondence, 1975
  35. Correspondence, 1976
  36. Correspondence,1977
  37. Correspondence,1978. Pressclip, 1978
  38. Correspondence, 1978. UCLA
  39. Correspondence, 1979
  40. Correspondences,1980's
  41. Correspondences with Bill Hinton & Joan Hinton (with manuscripts), 1969, 1973
  42. Business Consultations, 1980's. Business Correspondence, 1980's
    • Hong Kong companys joined, 友誼商店業務
  43. Consultation Bethune Film Correspondence, 1980-1981
  44. Correspondence, 2000-2002
  45. Correspondence, 2003
  46. Correspondence - McGill & others, 1960's
    • a stamped letter with the cover of Miramar Hotel
  47. Correspondence, 1970's
    • a letter d. 10 March 1978 signed with "on leave for 1977-78"
  48. Correspondence-Speaking engagements etc., 1976-77
  49. Correspondence, 1960's, 70's. File 1
    • Inside: 1960's-70's. Questions asked by audience of Paul Lin talks on China
  50. Correspondence, 1960's, 70's. File 2
  51. Correspondence with Harvard University re appointment, 1960's - 1970's
  52. Notes on and correspondence with U.S. media, academics on U.S. China Relations, 1969-1970's
  53. McGill Teaching: correspondence, 1960's, 70's, 80's
    • Re Graduate Student Neil Burton and others McGill Exchanges with PRC Paul Lin course syllabus
  54. Correspondence with members of U.S. - Committee on New China Policy, 1970-71
  55. Correspondence with foreign experts David, Isabel Crook and family
  56. Speech and correspondence with U.S-China Friendship Society
  57. Correspondence, 1980's
  58. Correspondence, 1990's
  59. More Correspondence, 1970's
  60. Correspondence, 1960's
  61. Correspondence, re wish to visit PRC and general, 1970's. File 1
    • 1970's correspondence, general 1970's correspondence re wish to visit PRC
  62. Correspondence, re U.S.-China Relations, 1970's. File 2
    • File 2 1970's Correspondence-re U.S.-China Relations with the Fund for Peace 1969-73 correspondence-re U.S.-China Relations with American Journalist Sam Jaffe 1972 Correspondence-re U.S.-China Relations with John and Beverly Fincher
  63. Correspondence, U.S.-China Relations. File 3
  64. Correspondence, 1970's. File 4
  65. Correspondence, re U.S.-China relations, 1970's. File 5
  66. Correspondence with Harvad Law Professor Dr. Jerome Cohen, 1970-1973
  67. Correspondence, 1980's
  68. Correspondence & McGill Conference, 1960's. McGill-China Exchange, 1970's, 1980's
    • 1960's-correspondence 1966-McGill Conference on World Affairs-China focus 1970's 1980's McGill-China Exchange
  69. Correspondence, re speaking engagements and others, 1970's
  70. Correspondence, 1990's
  71. 1st letter to Family & Friends on his impression of china after 1949, 1950
    • 1960's -1970's correspondence with his students
    • 1980's correspondence with students
    • 2003 correspondence with students
  72. Correspondence, 1960's
  73. Paul's correspondence with noted left wing film maker Emile de Antonio of New York, 1971.
  74. Correspondence, 1970's
    • Paul Brennan
  75. Correspondence, 1980's
  76. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1986, 1990, 1999
  77. Correspondence with Canadian Senator Donald Cameron
  78. Correspondence, 1960's
    • Italian Reporter-Tiziano Terzani
  79. Correspondence with Prof Charles and Mrs Waveney Burchill of Victoria B.C.
  80. The Canada China Friendship Association. China Friendship Society and Chinese Pavillion
    • 1965-PL correspondences-The Canada China Friendship Association 1973-PL-Canada-China Friendship Society 1973-PL-Chinese Pavillion at Montreal's Man and His World Exhibition
  81. Correspondence with his students, 1969-1970's
  82. Correspondence with World Law Fund in New York, 1969-1973
  83. Correspondence, 1970's. Folder 1
  84. Correspondence, 1970's. Folder 2
  85. Correspondence with 留美中國學生on Taiwan question and 釣魚台
  86. Correspondence with the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions. The Fund for the Republic, Inc. on U.S. China Relations
  87. Correspondence with Tom Manton of the Asia Society re US-China Relations, 1971
  88. Correspondence with Robert Keatley of Wall Street Journal
    • Articles written by Robert Keatley after his visit to China with President Nixon's team
  89. Correspondence with CBS News re US-China Relations (before Nixon's visit to PRC), 1971-72
    • CBS Newsporter Walter Cronkite
  90. Correspondence with Grace Boggs on the American Revolution and the Revolution of Mankind, 1972
  91. Correspondence with Prof. Urie Bronfenbrenner of Cornell University re request to visit PRC by a group of specialists on Children and Youth
  92. Correspondence with Canadian External Affairs re visit to Canada by PRC Journalists, 1973.
  93. Correspondence, 1980's
  94. Correspondence on Canada-China Friendship Associations, 1980's
  95. Correspondence, 1990's
  96. Correspondence, 2000
  97. Correspondence, 1980's. File 1
    • last correspondence: from Yuk-shan Wang
  98. Correspondence, 1980's. File 2
  99. Correspondences, 1978, 79
  100. Consultations(Correspondence), 1970's. File 1
  101. Correspondence, 1970's. File 2
  102. Correspondence, 1970's. File 3
    • 5 photos, inclusing sons of generals
  103. Correspondence, 1970's
    • China Girls from MGM
  104. Correspondence, 1990's
  105. Correspondence, 1970's
  106. Correspondence, 1960's
  107. Correspondence, 1948-56. Article, 1955. 紀念冊, 1999
    • 1950年1月1日書信提及林達光的通訊地址為旭龢道三號地下
    • 1956年林夫人告訴父母可去信北京國會街26號
    • 1948 PL letter to New York Herald Tribune on U.S. Policy on China 1948 and 49 PL correspondence with his mentor Dr J. Raleign Nelson 1950-56-PL correspondence to family on his early impressions of PRC 1955-PL article on "China's Young Radio Network 1999-國際新聞局50周年紀念冊(where PL worked in PRC)
  108. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-A
    • letters with Steve Allen, 安文彬
  109. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-B
    • letters with 薄一波副總理, W. Bennett, Elizabeth Mann Borgese, Asa Briggs, Burton
  110. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-C1
    • letters with Gordon Campbell, Thérèse F. Casgrain, Jean Chretien, J.V. Clyne, Donald Cameron, Jerome A. Cohen, 章文晉 Chang Wen-chin, Chinn Ho, David L. Johnston, 周培源, Madame Jacques Chirac, John Ralston Saul, Kenneth S. Courtis
  111. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-C2
    • letters with F.G. Ballachey, Ivan Head
    • a piece of press clip 1978
    • China Business Trip Sept. 29/78 - Oct. 8/78 (CHINOIS)
    • China Business Trip Sept. 29/78 - Oct. 8/78
  112. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-C3
    • 1970-Important Document on Canadian House of Commons debat on controversy re Prof. Paul T.K. Lin see Page 392
    • With the statement from Paul Lin
  113. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-D1
    • 1977 Oct 15, Deng receives Paul and Eileen
    • 1979 Novenmeber 26 VP Deng Xiao Ping receives Frank Gibney of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and Paul T.K. Lin in Beijing Full text of the interview in Chinese
    • letters with Paul Desmarais, D.Diamond, 丁玲, 陳明, Monica and Earl Drake, Huang Hua, Mayor Jean Drapeau, Enrico A. Diano
  114. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-D2
    • 1 photo- Deng and Paul Lin 1979
  115. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-E1
    • letters with Cyrus Eaton, Franz Schurmann, Ezra Vogel
  116. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-E2
    • letters with Arthur Erikson, Myson Echenberg
  117. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-F
    • letters with John Fairbank, 費孝通
  118. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-G
    • letters with Felix Greene, Sidney Glazier, 谷牧
  119. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-H1
    • letters with Alvin Hamilton, Ivan Head, Chinn Ho. Stanley Ho, H.T. Hoh, 黃華, 華國鋒
  120. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-H2
    • letters with Han Suyin
  121. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-J
    • letters with Sam A. Jaffe, Norman Jewison, 賈慶林, Douglas Jung
  122. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-K1
    • letters with Kadoorie, Prof Shuichi Kato, 簡悅強, Kang Keqing
    • 1 photo of 簡悅強
  123. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-K2
    • letters with Edward M. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy
  124. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-L1
    • letters with Chris Lin Memorial Scholarship, David C. Lam, Owen Lattimore, 李儲文, 李德倫, 廖承志, Tong Louie, 魯平, 陸璀, 呂思清
  125. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-L2
    • letters with 李光耀
  126. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-M
    • letters with Eugene J. McCarthy, Sirley MacLaine, Mike Mansfield, George McGovern, Martin Peretz, Sheila Menzies, Arthur Menzies, Francois Mittereand, Gunnar Myrdal
  127. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-N
    • letters with Ralph Nader, John Fincher, 李約瑟
  128. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-P
    • letters with George Papandreou, Linus Pauling, Wilder Penfield, J.M. Pierce, E.G. Pulleyblank
  129. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-R1
    • letters with Lord Bertrand Russell, Chester Ronning, John Rothschild, Samuel Rosen
  130. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-R2
    • letters with Chester Ronning, Wei-ming Tu, Prof Chang
  131. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-S1
    • letters with Jeanne Sauve, Mark Starowicz, Marian Scott, Stanley Sheinbaum, Theodore Sorenson, J. Sauvey, Franz Schurmann, Ron Shapiro, Edgar Snow, 沈圖, Edward Schreyer, Maurice F. Strong
  132. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-S2
    • letters with Jonas Salk, Edgar Snow
  133. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-S3
    • letters with Harrison E. Salisbury
  134. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-S4
    • letters with Soong Ching Ling
  135. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-T1
    • letters with PM Trudeau
  136. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-T2
    • letters with K.H. Ting
  137. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-U
    • empty, only cover for reference
  138. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-W
    • letters with Ernest Winter
  139. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-Y
    • letters with 姚依林
  140. Letters to and from VIP's in Asia, Canada, China, Europe and USA-Z
    • letters with 趙紫陽
  141. 名人賀年卡
  142. Writings correspondence, 1960's
    • Italian Journalist with articles
  143. Correspondence, 1970's
    • 3 photos + 1 photo
  144. Correspondence, 1973
  145. Correspondence, 1978
    • Important-Report on FBI harrasement of P and E in Los Angeles, California, USA
  146. Correspondence, 1979
  147. Correspondence, 1980's
  148. Correspondence, 1990's
    • Founding of China Forum
    • Invitations to PRC 50th anniversary
  149. Correspondence with 1)Father; 2) Brother; 3)general & academic. File 1
    • certificate of changing name from Kin-Yuen to Ta-Kuang Lin
    • letter from Eileen to her father
    • 1 passport photo of Lin's father


This section consists of writings by Paul Lin, subdivided into four categories: 1) Academic Speeches and Writings; 2) Teaching and Academic Affairs; 3) Non-academic activities; 4) Personal Papers.
Academic Speeches and Writings (38)
  1. Writing and Paper : 檢討制度 檢討自己 《中國論壇》創刊社論(第一稿)為林達光口述, 1993
  2. Speeches
    • 1971-Oct/29 in New York City entitled 「中美關係正常化的道路」(carried in the 七十年代月刊社) 1980 9-10 in Zurich, Switzerland PL opening address at International Conference on "China's New Economic Strategies" 1988 May 15 handwritten draft on ""China's New Open Door"" 1990 The Crisis in China's Political Culture at UBC Sept 25, 1990
  3. Writings
    • Development Guide by Values (China's Road and its implications) in China Report 1974; China's New Stage of Development in China-International Business an Information and Research Series Vol.1, No.2 1981; 廖公在人間 三聯書店 1984 香港
  4. Writings and drafts on China's Historical Transition, 1998
  5. Academic papers, 1980's
  6. Articles, talks, papers, speeches and CV, 1960's-1980's
    • including "Last Day of Her(Soong Ching Ling) Life" by Paul Lin
  7. Academic papers presented, 1970's
  8. Academic Papers presented, 1960's. File 1
  9. Academic Papers presented, 1960's. File 2
  10. Writings and Papers 1960's -2000's Part 1
  11. Writings and Papers 1960's -2000's Part 2
  12. Drafts, outlines, texts, 1970's, 1990's
  13. Speeches, 1970's, 1997. Brief to Canadian Senate, 1997
  14. Papers, 1990's
  15. Maiden Speech after returning to Canada (original text), 1964. Paper on Chinese Education, 1971
    • PTKL Important Maiden Speech after returning to Canada in 1964 (original text); PTKL paper on Chinese Education 1971
  16. Drafts and notes on speeches, 1972, 1986
  17. Summary of interviews with hospitals and Jinan University, 1973, 1980
    • 記錄
  18. Notes for Research and Writing, 1960's, 1970's
    • Lin Preparatory Notes Research Paper
  19. Writings, speeches on US Elections, on Trade with China, 1970's, 1980's
  20. Paper on Sun Yatsen and speech notes on Mao's theoretical basis, 1960's
    • 1966 PL Paper on Sun Yatsen 1960's(?) PL's speech notes on Mao's theoretical basis for China's revoltuion, comparing Mao's Thoughts with Marx-Lenin's theories.
  21. Lecture Series on PRC for CTV University, 1966
  22. Translation of PM Zhou En-lai's Verbatim Messages to foreign leaders from Chinese to English (Mme Bandaranaike) of Ceylon, 1971
    • Writings, Translation
  23. Draft on Zhou En-lai's biographical sketch
    • Other reference materials on Zhou's passing including Eulogy declined by Deng Xiao-ping 周恩來總理 1898-1976
  24. Book: Beyond Coexistence: The Requirements of Peace, edited by Edward Reed
    • no ISBN
  25. Brief CV's of CCP leaders and interviews, 1970's
    • 1-Brief CV's of CCP leaders in the 1970's 2- Interviews with various Chinese ministers and departments in 1979 re his writing and consultation
  26. Papers and speeches, 1960's, 1980's
  27. Articles, notes and press coverage Paul Lin
    • 1-PL articles in the 1970's
    • 2-Random notes for his writings
    • 3-Press coverage Paul Lins: Forming a bridge of Understanding (1976 Spring and Summer issue p.27) plus Chinese translation of this article in HK's 大公報 dated 1976 June 28-30
  28. Writing and Manuscripts, 1974, 1980, 1981
    • Manuscripts and a black notebook recording CCP's(Chinese Communist Party) major events from 1940-1970
  29. Speeches on China's Economic Prospects and Canadian Strategy, 1979
  30. Papers, speeches, lectures, 1948, 1960's, 1970's
  31. The Churches and Social Change
    • Lessons from China and the Social Gospel
  32. Speech, 1978
    • The Fate of Man and Nature in a Changing China
  33. Draft on "The Sociology of Continuing Revolution during the Cultural Revolution"
    • the New Demise and Resurgence of Revolutionary Order in China, and its lessons
  34. China's Education transformation
    • (written during the Cultural Revolution)1966-76
  35. Papers, speech and interviews, 1970's
    • including Lin's works: The Current Goals and Objectives of Chinese Development; Dynamics of Change in Contemporary China Resume; Development Guide by values: Commets on China's Road and Its Implications 1976; 年周恩來紀念會上訪問林教授的錄音稿; Power Play…or Continuing Revolution? Transition in Southeast Asia, keynote address to McGill Graduate Reunion; The Road Ahead-A call for a farsighted U.S. policy toward China, 1975; Speech at Can-China Trade Conference, 1978
  36. Paper "Taiwan is Chinese", Late 1960's. Paper, 1969
    • 1969 paper, Tension and Progress in Society-Chinese Perspectives
  37. Report on Director for McGill's Centre for East Asian Studies and Lecture notes
    • 1968-69 PL's report on Director for McGill's Centre for East Asian Studies 1960's Lecture notes for PL's Various Chineses history courses
  38. Texts of Papers, Lectures & Commentaries Paul T.K.Lin, 1965-67
    • PTKL Papers
Teaching and Academic Affairs (124)
  1. Academic Activities UBC-CPIRD senate China Forum
    • 暨南大學董事會
  2. Club of Rome
    • Aurelio Peccei
  3. Report on External Advisory Review of the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies The Chinese Studies Programme The University of Calgary by Paul T.K. Lin
  4. NIEO Project- E.Laszlo
    • It should belong to either former or later folder
  5. China Forum Sponsored Fou Tsong Concert, 1993
  6. Academic Activities China Forum Society 中國論壇學社 correspondence and documents, 1991-1994
  7. Academic Activities UBC Institute of Asian Research, China Program for Integrative Research and Dialogue, 1992-1994
  8. CPIRD Correspondence - Academic Exchange Lectures 廣州社會科學院, 1993-1994
  9. Consultation for Athabaska University - Open Learning, 1993-1994
  10. Correspondence re speaking engagement - Lecture request from Alliance for a better China in U.K., 1994
  11. International Academic Activities - UNITAR Club of Rome Papers, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978
  12. Speaking requests accepted, 1968
  13. Speaking Engagement accepted, general folder, 1969
  14. Canadian Society for Asian Studies, 1969-1973
  15. Speech to Quaker Conference on China at McMaster University Conference, Oct 1969
  16. Participated in the Far East Peace Research Conference at Sophia University, Japan
  17. Speaking Engagements Made, 1970
    • 1 photo
  18. Speaking Engagements Made, 1971
  19. Participated in Conference on New Perspectives for the Study of Contemporary China, Sept 24-26 1971
    • in Montreal, Canada Papers by noted scholars on China at the Conference
  20. Attended & was a speaker at new Fund for Peace 3rd National Convocation on China, October 29, 1971
    • Just after the restoration of PRC's rights in the United Nations
  21. Attended 76th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences in Philadelphia, 1972
  22. Speaking Engagements, 1972
  23. Speaking Requests Declined, 1968-1973
  24. Fuji Seminar on Japanese Foreign Policy, March 1972
  25. The United Nations University, 1976, 1977-78
  26. Third World Forum, 1979
  27. Participated in University
    • 2 photos taken 18-19 Nov 1978 in Tokyo
  28. Academic Requests, 1979-1983
  29. Requests of all Records - Academic, 1979-1982
  30. McGill Teaching Material, 1976-77
  31. McGill Teaching, 1978
  32. Teaching - Recommendations for students, 1980's
  33. LISTS: Advisory Committee
    • 74-75, 75-76, Interuniversity East Asianists Canada-China Society Associates of the Centre
  34. Requests, Academic, from 1979, 1980, 1981
  35. Participation in Scholarly Exchange with PRC activities
    • 1970's-1980 McGill teaching colleagues in China and East Asian fields
  36. Academic Exchange with Jinan University, 1980-1982
  37. Academic Exchange Rochester Institute of Technology with Chinese university, 1981
  38. WUHAN U. 武漢大學
    • 1 photo
  39. McGill Teaching notes, 1966-1982
  40. Events Attended
    • 1981年10月參加辛亥革命七十周年紀念活動 1986(年)12月3日 Certificate of Appreciation for significant service and contribution to the 1986 International Planning Conference The Pacific Advantage
  41. McGill Teaching, 1965-1968
  42. McGill Teaching and related correspondence, 1960's
    • 1 photo - deer
  43. 中國社會科學院世界歷史研究所聘請林教授為特邀研究員
    • 林太題為「中國社科學院」,應為手文之誤
  44. McGill Teaching Courses, 1960's-1970's
  45. Speaking Engagements, 1960's
  46. Correspondence on Academic Exchanges (International), 1970's
  47. World Student Christian Federation Conference, 11th October 1967. Part 1
  48. World Student Christian Federation Conference, 11th October 1967. Part 2
  49. China Forum Documents to Administration, 1991-1995
  50. China Foum Publications, 1993-1995
  51. China Forum CPIRD Correspondences etc., 1994
  52. China Forum, 1993-1999
  53. Sponsored CPIRD & CF at UBC, 1990's
  54. Request for Review, 1981
  55. International Academic Activities Correspondences
    • 1976-Third World Forum
  56. International Academic Activities Correspondences, 1972-1980
    • McGill
  57. Requests for writing books, articles and reviews, 1970's
    • Requests for film footages of Tibet etc. 1970's
  58. Appointments and Awards McGill, U.B.C. honourary professor, UBC Senate, 1972-1999
  59. Lecture notes McGill Years on Boxer Rebellion
  60. Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping's interview with Frank Gibney, Vice President of Encyclopaedia Britannica, accompanied by Prof. Paul Lin, Nov 26, 1979
    • Important documents
    • 1980's Agreement between US Encyclopaedia Britannica with 中國大百科全書出版社
  61. Chicago Conference on China, Nov 1981
  62. UNU Tokyo Conference 1970's, Nov 1981
    • United Nation University
  63. Conference attended 辛亥革命70年-北京,武漢, 1981
  64. AUCC CAN-PRC Cooperation in Management Education
  65. Correspondence UNU, 1982
    • United Nation University
  66. Correspondence UNU, 1982
    • United Nation University
  67. Correspondence - Third World Forum, 1982
  68. Correspondence - Re Shanghai Research Institute in Science Management 仇金泉訪加美, 1982
    • 仇金泉為上海科學學研究所副所長
    • United Nations Institute for Training and Research(UNITAR) New International Economic Order(NIEO) Project
  70. International Academic Activities - Club of Rome
    • International Academic Activities CLUB OF ROME-1975 to 1977
  71. International Conferences attended, 1972, 1976
    • World Law Fund(1972), Urchfont Conference(1972), Latin American Institute for Transnational Studies
    • (Seminar"The role of information in the new international order", 1976)
    • International Academic Activities
  72. Conferences and lectures, 1974
  73. Correspondence as Chairman of Canadian Society for Asian Studies, 1976-1978
  74. Speech at Commonwealth Club of California, 1978
  75. International Conferences attended, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982
  76. Conference attended - US-China Friendship Association 6th Annual National Convention in Detriot, Michigan, USA, 1979
  77. Dr. Han Suyin delievered the Beatty Lectures at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Canada (Organizer Paul Lin), 1968
    • 中比混血兒,著名作家
  78. Informal Notes on McGill Consultation on U.S.-China Relations, Feb 8&9, 1969
  79. Intellectual exchanges with other scholars, 1970's
    • Waler, Andrew G.:
    • Marxism, Maoism, and Social Change, A Re-examination of "voluntarism" in Mao's Thought
  80. Academic Activity: PL as Visiting Fellow - Correspondence
    • The Center for the Study of Democratic Institution, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.
  81. Academic Activity Vietnam; re Hooligan's incident at McGill University; Paul Lin denouncement etc.
  82. Paul Lin and Canadian Asian Studies Association
  83. Paul Lin and United Nation University
    • 1970's-1980's Academic Activity UNU Human Rights Mtg 1970's-1980's PTKL-and UN University
  84. Consultation-Encyclopaedia China
  85. A small box of cards with typed notes for Lin’s research and writing on China, 1970s – 1980’s
  86. McGill Teaching, 1966-1982
  87. Han Suyin Beatty lectures at McGill U, 1968
  88. Consultation, Academic, 1980's
  89. Speeches, 1960's
  90. McGill Teaching(lecture notes and exams etc.), 1960's 1970's 1981
  91. Dr Norman Bethune Memorial Committee, 1970's
  92. Consultation for U.S. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1969-1979
  93. Correspondence, 1961-1982
    • Re chronic shortage of funds for the Center for East Asian Studies at McGill University
  94. Lecture Notes and publications, 1960's, 1970's
  95. Busy schedules samples: speeches, lecture, announcement and publicity
    • 1960's-1990's-busy schedules Samples 1960's speeches, lecture, announcement and publicity
  96. McGill students evaluation on Professor Paul Lin's teaching, 1966
  97. Chris Lin Memorial Scholarship at UBC, 1967
  98. CSAS China Exchange Project, 1973
    • Council of the Canadian Society of Asian Studies
  99. Special Early Retirement from McGill University and Principal Johnston's Farewell Speech, 1981
    • 1981-August-December PL Application for Special Early Retirement from McGill University 1981-December 7 McGill U. Principal Johnston's Farewell Speech
  100. Appointed to the Senate of the University of British Columbia, 1997
  101. Professor T.K. Lin Fellowship established by anonymous donor for 1st director of McGill's Centre for East Asian Studies, 2003
  102. China Forum Society (initiated by Paul Lin), 1990's
    • 1995-1996 The China Program for Integrative Research and Development
  103. 珠海市科協第二次代表大會學術交流資料
    • 社會現代化與人的現代化
  104. China Forum Society 中國論壇學社, 1993-1998
  105. China Forum Society
  106. CPIRD Documents UBC, 1992-1998
  107. Book: World Futures, edited by Ervin Laszlo
    • ISSN 0260-4027
  108. Notes for his lectures, speeches and writings reflecting his insights and values at various stages, 1970's
  109. HIST 208
  110. Course Reading Lists & Bibliograpghies
  111. 208 V
    • History Course
  112. 208 I
    • History Course
  113. HISTORY 208 & 308 History Exam Papers Lin
  114. 208
    • History Course
  115. 208 IV
    • History Course
  116. HISTORY 590
    • History Course
  117. HISTORY 428, 1972-1973
  118. History 428 Lecture Notes, 1972-73
  119. Lecture Notes McGill Years, 1966-1981
    • 208 II
  120. History 208
    • Lecture Notes 1960's 70's
  121. Lecture Notes, 1967-68
    • 208 III
  122. Lecture Notes, McGill Years, 1960's, 70's
    • Lin
  123. Research & Writing Notes and Article
  124. Research & Writing Notes, 1972
Non-academic activities (82)
  1. Struggle with DFS in the filming of [中國向二十一世紀邁進]
  2. Academic Papers, 1944-45
    • 1943-44 Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy - Master's Thesis at Harvard University papers 1945- 1)British for Eastern Policy and Re Washington Security System 2)The Prospect of Constitutional government
  3. Paul T.K. Lin, 1938-1945
    • 1938-Press reports on speeches in Vernon, B.C., Canada 1945-Press report on speed in New England, USA Writings 1940-Article in pamphlet at U. of Michigan, USA 1945 Dec- Constitutuionalism-Panacea or Shibbleth
  4. Donations to SCLF Canada, 1986-1992
    • PTKL- Donations of Royalties from film Children of Soong Ching Ling to Soong Ching Ling Children Foundation of Canada 1986-1992
    • PTKL Royalties earned from Oscar Nomination Film "The Children of Soong Ching Ling"
    • He donated all royalties received from 1986-1992 to The Soong Ching Ling Children's Foundation of Canada
  5. Northern Oratorical League Contest Paul won 1st Prize, 1942
  6. Building Bridges - DFS Film on China Correspondences and 3 draft narratives, 1979-1982
  7. Correspondence re June 4 1989 film request, 1991
  8. Soong Ching Ling Foundation (Beijing) 理事聘書,1996
  9. Addressed the Haslemere Declaration Group in London, England, 1969
    • Poster about Poverty Violence Workshop
  10. Canadian Council of Churches International Conference on China Montreal, Oct 2-7, 1981
  11. Business Consultations - Bank of Nova Scotia
    • Includes a memorandum on current Economic Trends in China and Prospects for Canada-China Trade-in depth report for Bank of Nova Scotia 1980
  12. Business Consultation Canada China Trade Council, 1979, 1981-1982
  13. Academic Consultation for Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1979-1981
  14. Consultation - Phillips and Vineberg - Barristers and Solicitors, 1979-1980
  15. Sherman Dong Hotel and office building project
  16. Donations to U.B.C., 1990-1991
  17. Interview: 採訪谷木(牧)國務委員 Interviews, Jun 14 1983
  18. Writing CCP Views on democrazy, Jun 4 1989
  19. Conference Attended - Turku, Finland World Student Conference, 1968
  20. Canada-China Friendship Association, 1968
  21. PRC 50周年慶祝活動, 1999
    • 內含宋慶齡基金會請柬一份
  22. Paul Lin Donations - CPIRD, 1990's
  23. Consultations, 1970's
  24. Soong Ching Ling, 1982-1994
  25. Awards Received
    • Rec'd 1985-Film documentary on The Children of Soong Ching Ling 1-National Academy Nomination 2-U.S. National Education Film Festival-First Prize 3-U.S. National Council on Family Relations received Family Life Film Awards 1998-Order of Canada- In another folder 2000-Received Soong Ching Ling Camphor Award. Received in 2003 in Vancouver 2003-Queen's Jubilee Medal Citation
  26. Order of Canada. Part 1
  27. UNICEF Film The Children of Soong Ching Ling
  28. SCL FDN-PRC, 1981
    • Soong Ching Ling Foundation
  29. Phamplet of the Shanghai Foundation Commemorating Soong Ching Ling, and 宋慶齡故居
    • They are not named and no folder
  30. Student Activities CSCA(Chinese Students Christian Association), 1940's
  31. Press Clips, 1969, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's
  32. Canada-China Trade Council Board of Director's Meeting, Vancouver B.C., September 30, 1988
  33. TRACELS - To Taiwan, 1992
  34. Consultation-Trade Draft speech Reference, 1980's
  35. Academic Conferences member of United Nations' University (Club of Rome and Unitar) Reference Materials, 1970's, 1980
  36. Writings - 星島Column, 1991
  37. Canada-China Friendship Association, 1970's
  38. Consultation - World Economic Forum - Trip to BJ, 大連, Aug, Sept, December 1996
    • KERR-MCGEE (company involved oil mining and producing)
  39. Conferences, 1994,1999
  40. Public Speeches, 1960, 1970's
    • 1967-at Pacem in Terris II entitled "Beyond Co-existences" in Geneva 1971-at Opening Plenary Session of the Convocation on U.S.-China Relations (after China re-entered The United Nations) 1972 Feb-To the American Association of School Administrators 1978 at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco 1978 at the Pacific Lutheran University on "the Fate of Man and Nature in Changing China, Maoism after Mao"
  41. The Bethune Foundation set up in Montreal, Canada, 1970's
  42. Correspondence re the making of Dr. Norman Bethune Film
  43. Oscar Normination
  44. Writing to Press on Canada & China and related correspondence
    • 1968 PL article on Canadian Education '68 entitled: "The Path of Peking is Littered with Obstacles" in the Toronto paper Globe and Mail; 1968-correspondence related to article from French on press correspondent Nelly Marans and PL reply; 1970-Letters from Norman Webster of the Toronto Globe and Mail, who became its Peking Correspondent; 1969-PL article on seeking a new "northwest passage" of communication and understanding towards China
  45. U.S.-China Relations, 1971
    • U.S.-China Relations *1971 October 29 PTKL Address to Opening Plenary Session of the Convocation on U.S.-China Revolutions sponsored by the U.S. Fund for Peace 1971 Fund for Peace Convocation on United States-China-Relations-Restoring of PRC rights in the United Nations-correspondence
  46. U.S.-China Relations, 1969-1971
    • U.S.-China Relations 1969 Feb 8-9 China Consultation Conference at McGill University, sponsored by Mr. Cyrus Eaton 1970-Committee for New China Policy 1970 March 5-7 La Sapinere Conference on New China Policy sponsered by CNCP 1971 CNCP Work on restoring PRC in the United Nations
  47. Canada-China Friendship Associations, 1980's
  48. Consultation , Trade, 1980's
    • 1 photo
  49. Paul Lin and U.S. Soong Ching Ling Foundation, 1980's
  50. Filming of China documentary with Canadian DFS China Series Limited, 1981-82
    • The struggle is because of two reporters interview without notifying PTKL and China authorities;
    • Letter from PTKL to 趙紫陽
    • PTKL struggle with DFS over editorial control over anti-China footages
  51. Consultation on Trade correspondences, 1980's
  52. Soong Ching Ling children's Foundation of Canada, 1982
  53. Notes for writing and filming
  54. Writing for Press-re 加中
    • 1984 Article for China "Liso Wang" magazines go Xinhua News Agency on China-Canada Relations; 2000 Oct.10 Press interview by Vanccouver, Canada's 世界日報 commemorating the passing of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau who passed away at the end of September; 1971十一月五日海外觀察與欄稿介紹一篇PL有關「中國對美政策的演說」
  55. Red Path Bureau Lectures, China, 1941-46
    • Chapter2 - Burgeoning Orator unused material for 2
  56. CSCA workbook (general secretary), 1946-1947
  57. Order of Canada. Part 2
  58. Donations - UBC, SCLCFC (Soong Ching Ling Children's Foundation of Canada), 1990-2002
  59. Speeches interviews, 1960's, 1970's, 80's, 90's, 2000
  60. Speeches June 4, 1989 speeches, writings, press clips
  61. Return of Hongkong to PRC, 1997
    • invitation to attend ceremony, speeches, VCR Dinner for Tung Chee Hwa comments after Return
  62. Pre-Handover Ceremonies in HK Press Reports
    • HK-回歸 1998
  63. Early writings
    • 1942 PL on the Future of Nationalism in U of Michigan panel discussion; 1942-PL Article in Michigan Daily on India; 1950's PL article China's Young Radio Network; 1967-PL Review of an article by others; PL Synopsis on Chinese history, and on Sino-Vietnam conflict; PL Lists questions by audience or students on his book; 1970's-PL's translation of Lun Xun's couplet 橫眉冷對
  64. Activities(student)
    • 1940's PL Activities(student) 1945-PL organized CSCA's Northwoords Conference photocopy of special conderence issue complete with PL and other speakers' speeches 1941 PL as President of Chinese students, pledges support to U.S. war against Japan 1948 Saturday Evening Post's criticism on CSCA File on PL's extracular(extracurricular) activities in the 1940's
  65. Speeches(texts), 1960's
  66. Correspondence with Publishers on the book he wished to write, 1969-72
    • Pantheon Books, Penguins, Random House
  67. Cold War harassment Lins encountered in Canada and U.S.A., 1960's-1980's
  68. Consultation CAN-CHINA Trade Council, 1977-79
  69. Speeches
    • 1979 keynote speech at National Convention of U.S.-China People's Friendship Association; 1981 Opening Address at the Montreal Conference "God's Goal to a New Beginning"
  70. MAN & His World
    • 「人與世界」中國館 1975 China Pavilion P.LIN-Advisor Eileen LIN-Director -General (sponsored by Canada-China Society; Montreal, Canada)
  71. Publicity Brochures on Speeches in Canada & U.S., 1970's
  72. Consultations on Trade, 1972-1980
  73. Trade Consultation, 1970's 1980's
  74. The passing of Mme Soong Ching Ling and SCL foundation, 1981
    • 1981-The passing of Mme Soong Ching Ling; 1981- The Founding of the Mme SCL Children's Foundation of Canada; 1982- Soong Ching Ling Foundation documents; Deng Xiaoping提問; SCL grave site; SCL BJ home opens
  75. Filming of "The Children of Soong Ching Ling" by Paul Lin, 1983
    • UNICEF
  76. Paul Lin & Gary Bush began filming "The Children of Soong Ching Ling", 1983-1985
    • Oscar Nomination for documentary film "The Children of Soong Ching Ling" File 1
  77. Promotion and Distribution of "The Children of Soong Ching Ling", 1985
  78. Launches The Establishment of the Soong Ching Ling Children's Fund, 1984
  79. Activities for Soong Ching Ling Foundation in Canada, China and USA, 1980's
  80. The Evidence of the Standing Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1997
    • 1997(Feb.7) PL joined a panel of 4 experts gave Evidence to the Standing Senate Committee of Canada on Foreign Affairs. With emphasis on APEC Conference in Vancouver in 1997. The panelists were: 1. Prof. Paul Lin-Chinese History 2. Prof. Pitman Potter-Law 3. Mr Patrick Brown-CBC 4. Senator Jack Austin-Canadian Business Council
  81. Film Award for the film "The Children of Soong Ching Ling", 1985
  82. Correspondence with 1)Father; 2) Brother; 3)general & academic. File 2
Personal Papers (19)
  1. Paul Lin's draft notes on his memoirs and outline, around 2000
  2. Self analysis and analysis of China, in interview with "World Journal" correspondent Andrew Yang (楊是農), 1997
    • Important
  3. CVs, 1970's-1990's
  4. Order of Canada 1998 Press clips, Letters of congratulations
  5. Interviews, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's
    • 6 interviews in 1979, 1989, 1993, 1997, 1999, 2000
  6. CV's, 1960's, 1980's, 1990's
  7. Book early years
  8. CV's, 1970's-1997
  9. Chap.II The Burgeoning Orator Data
  10. Draft and Reference Material in his memoir
    • Draft and Reference Material on Chapter I "In the Beginning was Father" in his memoir "In the Eye of the China Storm"
  11. Chap.I Lins Genealogy-Father Georg(e) Lim Yuen's Life and Times
  12. Birth Certificate, 1920
    • 1920-Birth Certificate 1930-1934-Honor Awards 1938-Letters of Introduction for college 1939-Community activities in Vernon, B.C.
  13. CV April, 1997
  14. C.V.'s, 1970's, 1990's
  15. Press clips the Order of Canada, 宋慶齡樟樹獎及籌款宴會
    • 1998 received the Order of Canada 2003 received from Shanghai SCL Foundation 宋慶齡樟樹獎 2011 加拿大宋慶齡兒童基金會慶祝成立三十周年(周年)舉行籌款宴會
  16. Interview on the 5 stages of his life with 世界日報記者楊是農, 1990's
  17. Press reports: The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and 古井僑刊, 1999
    • 1999 honoured by The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada 1999 古井僑刊-華人的驕傲-記林達光先生
  18. Oral History - Unfinished, owing to the interviewer's poor health, 1920-1958
  19. CV, 1944-1998
    • Top 3 pieces are: (1) PL Final CV written in 1997 entitled "PTKL-A Brief Resumé of his Life and work"; (2) 2005-Chinese translation by 趙复三教授: 林達光生平事迹簡介; (3)PL Career Summary for Canadian WHO's vote 1998.

Reference Materials

This section consists of three parts: 1) miscellaneous documents and press clips about Chinese History and Politics; 2) press clips about Paul Lin; 3) two scrapbooks from the 1930s and 1940s.
Miscellaneous (42)
  1. Reference Material 中國論壇學社 春季學術研討會 China Forum Society Spring Retreat documents, 1994
  2. Reference Materials - PRC documents, 1957-1960
  3. 有關上海資料,1980's
  4. Book: Scientific Proceeding in Summary Form
    • Article by PTKL(p.84): Delivery of Medical Services in Mainland China (The Adolf Meyer Lecture);
    • The One Hundred and Twenty-sixth Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, by American Psychiatric Association, no ISBN
  5. Valuable Reference Material Collection 林教授收集的參考資料
  6. Reference Material on The Cultural Revolution in Structural Perspective, 1988-89
  7. Book: 謝培智教授紀念文集
    • There is a photo shooting of PTKL and 謝培智教授 in the book
    • edited by 楊立文 ISBN: 7-105-04275-3
  8. Collection of U.S. Press clips on China, 1941-1959
    • good for research of US China relations
  9. Informative Reference Material on PRC's Contemporary History
    • 1960's Public figure in Montreal, Quebec urging PM Lester B. Pearson to establish diplomatic relations between Canada and China
  10. Reference 加拿大華人史 (有林達光名字)
  11. 周恩來, 30 Aug 1976
    • Biographical sketch to Zhou by PL
  12. Press clips on Mme SCL's passing 林教授收集有關宋慶齡逝世的剪報,1981 5-6月
  13. Reference from Press Reports 趙紫陽訪加報導 invited to reception, 1984
  14. Press report, June 4, 1989
  15. Collection of reference materials for research, 1980-90's
    • 參考資料 1980's papers
  16. McGill U. and China Exchange address by 費孝通教授, 1979.9.1
    • McGill U. and China Exchange McGill Planning Office Fact Book Centre for East Asian Studies 1979.9.1 address by 費孝通教授
  17. Reference Material: China Town politics between left and right wing (KMT and CCP) when we returned to Canada, 1960's 1970's
    • Intimidation in China Town
  18. Pressclips, 1960's-2000's
    • With speaker list of AFRO-ADIAN Congerence 1967
  19. Press clips
    • 1972 夏 PL trip to china 1972 周總理接見 - 肖光琰生平-宋慶齡宴請
  20. Collection of old CPP documents through the Cultural Revolution, from 1930's
    • important
  21. 「六四」后收集的分拆資料
  22. Collection: 收集資料
    • Research material - Press reports on 「六四」before and after 1989 June 4, 1989 and after
  23. Reform of the Peking Opera and the Direction of Art in New China
    • Mention Lin at the end
  24. Professor Hsiang Ching-Chiang of Peking speaking on, January 17-31 1975
    • Dream of the Red Chamber Han Fei and Han Fei Tzu The Works of Lu Hsun Lu Hsun the Man Reform of Peking Opera
  25. 張謇在辛亥前夕政治思想的轉變
  26. 試論研究辛亥革命几個問題
  27. 辛亥革命時代國內教育界的動態
  28. 從辛亥革命前後的實業教育發展看資產階級和改良派關係問題
  29. 孫中山的對日態度
  30. 日本和湖南省
  31. 中國留日學運與辛亥革命之關係
  32. 宋教仁之問島問題
  33. 清季一個外交家的西洋社會觀
  34. 辛亥革命時期的階級對立(提要)
  35. 辛亥革命時期的共和憲法
  36. 辛亥革命七十周年學術討論會
  37. 政治與憲法:宋教仁政治策略的發展
  38. 《民吁報》的鬥爭(摘要)
  39. 何啓:辛亥革命期間香港之中國資產階級
  40. 清廷對武漢革命的反應
  41. 辛亥革命之再探討
  42. La Bourgeoisie Chinoise Et La Revolution De 1911
Paul Lin (20)
  1. Press clips speaking engagements speeches, 1970-79
    • 1960's 林耿是林達光的筆名
  2. Press clips, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's
  3. Press clips 1989-1994
  4. Story Pages 16-17, May 31 1985
    • Press Clips: 周日新天地 星島日報 成功故事 1998
  5. Press Reports 1970's (1978)
  6. Press Reports, 1960's-1970's
  7. Press clips, 1969, 1970's-1980's
  8. Press reports on 中加建交, 1969-1970
    • 1969-1970-Press reports on 中加建交 -PTKL comments on 中加建交 -Canadian House of Common debates between Trudeau and Diefenbakeron PTKL's role in 中加建交
  9. Press Clips: 1960's, 1970's, 1980's
  10. Press Clips: High school days (Vernon BC), 1934-1938
  11. 林西河總堂 九牧公所 合併七十週年紀念物刊, 1930-2000
  12. 林宗華敎授:加拿大林西河總堂沿革暨發展之研究
  13. 林西河總堂 九牧公所 合併六十週年紀念物刊, 1930-1990
  14. Reference Material
    • 1963-66 Dr Wilder Penfield, Leading Canadian Neurologist invited to sett up a China Program in McGill Universitty after his visit to China in 1962 as an exchanged Norman Battune Professor. After his return in 1963 advocated the seeting up of China studies. 1966 McGill University invited Paul Lin as the first professor in McGill's China Program.
  15. Vancouver Chinese Press clips, 1980's
  16. Book: Killam Scholars Who's who
  17. 聘書:珠海市科學技術協會名譽主席
  18. Book: Pacem In Terris
    • no ISBN
  19. Press reports, 1967-1968, 1971-1973, 1980-1989, 1992-1994, 2000
    • Numerous newspaper cutting is marked as political prosecution
  20. Clips
    • 2 photos of Lin in Japan meeting, 30 Mar 1972
Scrapbook (2)
  1. Scrapbook: high school days in Vernon, and first year student at UBC in Vancouver, 1934-39
  2. Scrapbook: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1941-43

Xinhua Photos

This section consists of Official photos by Xinhua News Agency from the early 1970s.
Xinhua News Agency
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